Firenze! (Florence)

On our free weekend, three of my friends and I traveled to Fireze, (Florence) in search of shopping, beautiful sights and a fun time!

That is exactly what we got in Florence! I got us a hotel near the Durmo (Cathedral) which is near the center of the City.  We only had one full day there so we decided to do the Sightseeing bus to get a feel for the city.  The bus took us up to this little hillside village called Fiesole, that overlooks the city of Florence. That was by far my favorite place! It was so beautiful and it is definitely a place I would go back to, especially for the amazing pizza! Later we went to the Leather Market where my friends bought purses. I bought a nice leather jacket! I can’t wait until it’s a little cooler so I can wear it!

Later that evening we went shopping and I got a new shirt from one of my favorite all time stores, Zara. Then I got a Michael Kors purse! It is a beauty. After that my friend and I sat in at a little restaurant that just had wine and cheeses.  There was a cheese called Pecorino Briaco. That was definitely my favorite and highly I recommend it. Later that night we went to a place called Space Bar. It was a very tourist place but a really fun dance club, or as they would call it Disco-tech. I wish we had more time in Florence but it was a weekend with great fun and with some great new friends.

If you are thinking of traveling to Italy and want to explore the region of Tuscany, I recommend using Florence as a starting place. From florence you can book trips to, Siena, Pisa, San Gimignano, Cinque Terre and more! They also have many wine tours you can book from Florence. So if you are thinking of traveling to Tuscany then Florence is a great place to start! If you go to Florence, you have to visit Fiesole!

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