Once in a Lifetime

Italian Culture

Today was another busy day. We had classes all throughout the morning where we learned about reporting, writing a feature or news story and pitching your idea to editors or producers.  Later that day we had a full immersion Italian class. Surprisingly, I understood a lot just based on her hand gestures, facial expressions and pictures. I definitely will not become fluent while I am here but I will try my best to learn the basics. One common mistake americans make is mispronouncing “Grazie”, which means thank you. The proper way to pronounce it is, (GRAHT-see-yeh). I at least have that correct at this point!


After class most of us went into town to work on our Photography project. The goal of the  Urban experience project was to take 3 photographs of locals at the same location.  Prior to this, I have had little photography experience.  For this project, I focused on what I learned in the intro to photography class the day before like framing, patterns and a strong center of interest. I decided to go to my favorite view in the city and test my luck. Here are the three best that I submitted for the project.




Later that evening two of the professors  critiqued of all of our photos. There was much more criticism than I was expecting. However, my photos they surprisingly liked. My favorite, and their favorite of mine is the one with the man looking over the city with a beer bottle. They said I had a strong leading line and a strong center of interest.  With having no photography experience, I didn’t do too shabby. However at the end of the session I expressed to the professors that I felt extremely discouraged by their critiques of everyones’ work. All the criticism made me scared for the next project.  They acknowledged how I felt and reassured us that this is how you learn and grow. Since we are all mostly beginners we need to really understand what makes a good picture. Afterwards, my mentor also spoke with me and made me feel a lot better about the whole critique process and how to go back out there and take more photos with confidence. That meant the world to me and I really do feel like the professors believe in me. The next photo project will be assigned today.

My Promotional Video Segment 

Interviews are a big part of creating the promotional video of Urbino. Yesterday we had a workshop with the interpreters where we practiced how we would conduct an interview with an Italian that does not speak English. Interviewing people for the first time is scary enough, let alone doing it with a language barrier. My story is coming along at this point. My professor helped me find a craft-brewery in a town 45 minutes away from here called Birrificio Pergolese.  Their goal is to create a beer that satisfies the desire of the costumer. The brewery uses a difference process for every beer they produce. They pride themselves in being unique and creating beer that is personalized to the brewer that makes it. They believe beer is not supposed to be drank in a distracted absent minded way, but appreciated. What else that is unique about this brewery is the collaboration with the a local artist. They have been lifelong friends and he creates all the artwork and labels for the beer.  I will be calling them with the help of a translator today.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity 

I am very excited for tomorrow because I will be going to an army base in a nearby town called Pasero. Until now, this base has remained secret from the rest of the world. They have know decided to make their presence know and have given us the first chance to report on the base.  I can’t wait for this experience.

Stay tuned and until next time,


One thought on “Once in a Lifetime

  1. Everything sounds like it is exactly what you need to feel more comfortable with your career. Thanks for keeping us updated. I’m enjoying your posts.

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