First Taste of Urbino Italy

The past two days have been intense to say the least. I already feel like I have been here a week and it has only been three days!

Day 1

The first day in Italy was tiresome! The 8.5 hour flight, the 6 hour wait for the rest of the students to get their then the 4 hour bus ride really put a toll on all of us! But hey, we were in Urbino! So most of us decided that despite our sleep deprivation we should go into town the first night. We walk up to music blaring from the main old stone archway leading into the town. We notice a large group of people standing on two sides  of a long black carpet spanning much of the  long and steep main street. Confused, we walked closer and noticed a fashion show! My first night and I get to witness a local fashion show! What a great ending to my long day of travel! In the picture you cannot see the runway but it’s farther down the road I promise!

The top of the main road leading into town
The top of the main road leading into town

Day 2

Breakfast in Italy is so different than in the U.S! Fruit, eggs yogurt, Italians don’t care about those! Bread, bread coffee are their breakfast staples. That is something I am definitely not used to. Croissants, pastries and sandwiches were the options.  I can make due though! After breakfast we toured the town to get a feel for where everything is! The town is so beautiful and I cannot wait to jump into my video and photography projects. My dorm room is quite magnificent. Well, not exactly the room but the view is one that you cannot beat. Waking up with a view of the hills of the Marche region is something you don’t get everyday. I get to wake up to it for a whole month! The dorms itself are a maze. There are so many stair cases and I still get lost every time I try to find my room. It reminds me of Hogwarts! Hopefully I will get it down soon!

View from my room!
View from my room!

The second night there we had an ice breaker activity in the main Piazza Republico. We had no idea what to expect. We speculated that it would be a silly game and we were not looking forward to that. Much to our surprise we greeted with wine and Hors d’oeuvres! We got to drink wine with our professors! How cool is that!? It was really nice to get to know them better in such a relaxed setting. Then after the mingle session we went to three-course dinner at a nice restaurant.


Day 3

Today was our first day of classes. We have to walk about 25 minutes up hill to our classroom. It’s a hike I tell ya! However, the view on the way up is unbeatable. Here is the Palazzo Ducale. I did not tour the palace yet but I definitely have time! Click on the link to learn more about the palace.


The classroom is near the town and we start promptly at 9am and go until around 6pm with two breaks throughout the day. It has been very intense. We jumped right into discussing our ideas for our promotional video. Our overall theme idea was about the doors in Urbino. Surprisingly, every single one is unique. Not on door is the same.

A Look Inside Urbino
A Look Inside Urbino

I came up with the idea to use the opening of door to the visual lead into our main story segments. This will give us a “Look Inside” the culture of Urbino. For my main segment I was thinking of going to a Distillery or Microbrewery. I am also interested in the agro-tourism so I have to research more and see what would be best! I also learned very quickly that not many people here speak English. I do not know ANY Italian. Good thing we are starting our FULL IMMERSION class tomorrow. I don’t know whether to be excited or scared! Who likes coffee!? How about who likes Italian coffee!? I do, I do! I have tried a latte and cappuccino and both are very different than in America. There coffee is much more concentrated. One of my new Italian friends used the words, “It’s so much water in American coffee!” Using the theme of coffee I was thinking of doing a bumper segment for the video asking locals what there favorite coffee drink is. However, my Italian friend did talk about how our breakfast beats theirs. So Italy score 1 for coffee, America score 1 for Breakfast! Not that I will actually keep score!

Tomorrow I will working on my photography. That is something I have always wanted some formal training in and I am getting a crash course here. Look for more photos soon!

There is so much more for me to explore! I can’t wait!

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