3 Like and Dislikes of Traveling Alone

Flying alone can be boring enough on a regional flight let alone an international one. While on my 9 hour flight from Dulles to Rome, I decided to compile my likes and dislikes since they are oh so relevant.

What I like! 

  1. Time to think
    1. If you are on a flight and the people beside you are not that friendly, then chances are you will be alone with your thoughts for the duration. I happened to sit next to a not so friendly couple so that was my case. Not being able to use my phone and looking out at the clouds really gives me great thinking time. Like fixing our economy or making this blog post.
  1. Catching Up On Movies
    1. When you are done pondering the meaning of life and how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, then you might want to watch one of the provided movies. I enjoy this. I like watching some movies I might not have gotten around to before. This flight, I watched 10 things I Hate about you. I can not believe I had never seen that movie before! I loved it! Then I got the urge to improve my language skills (not Italian of course) and watch finding Nemo in German. That gave me a headache!
  1. Looking at the sky
    1. If there is one thing that makes flying alone a little more bearable, its having the window seat. I love looking out the window. Especially going over the atlantic when I see the sun set and can watch it rise all in a few hours, or when you can look at the stars over the ocean. You cannot be at that.
What I Dislike!
  1. Death Scenarios
    1. When I travel alone I think of ever possible bad thing that could happen. My anxiety is partly to blame for that. For example, I imagined if there was a shooter on the plane that I would rip off my tray table and use it as a shield! Then I would hide under my seat and they would never know I was there! Great plan I know… Then the obvious, “What the hell am I going to do when the plan crashes?” My plan of action isn’t as detailed as I would like, but I would hold on for dear life and hope I don’t die. If I survived that, I think a water, a pocket knife and advil would be helpful. At least I have advil…
  1. Guilty Conscience
    1. I always feel as if I am doing something wrong! As soon as I step in the airport the guilty conscience begins. Am I doing anything wrong?…No. But I always feel like I am going to mess something up going through security line.  Well one time I did accidentally bring a pocket knife….oopsie!
  1. I’m Awkward…
    1. So I always tend to spill something or trip over an imaginary stair and it is extremely awkward when no one is there to laugh with me.  So I laugh at myself and move on.  I would much rather my family to friends being there to laugh right alone side with me!
And now I am here! Here comes the Jet lag!

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